About Our Church

Welcome to Global House of Prayer Church where we are strategically praying the will of God’s Kingdom and fashioning a people for His glory. We are a congregation of mixed cultures believing that the cross of Christ has forever made the God’s people one nation. We invite you to join us.

What We Believe

  • (A) We believe in the Judeo-Christian Jehovah God of the Bible; that he is sovereign creator, sustainer, and eternal judge. We believe that he has disclosed himself to us through his Son Jesus Christ with whom, he and the Holy Spirit are the triune God everlasting.
  • (B) We believe that Jesus Christ was born through the Virgin Mary, endured crucifixion under Pontius Pilate, died, was buried, and that he arose from the grave on the third day following his passions. We believe that through Jesus’ cross God has provided for all men a finished redemptive work that has reestablished man’s relationship to God and man’s dominion over God’s creation that was lost through the consequence of original sin.
  • (C) We believe in the Holy Spirit, who provides us with guidance into all truth, conscience to differentiate between good and evil, an awareness of eternal judgment, and grace gifts and skills for effective resourcefulness in human society.
  • (D) We believe in the one holy, united and apostolic church, and the eventual consummation of the ages in the life hereafter.


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