Our Mission & Vision


Global House of Prayer Church exists to usher in the Kingdom of God through the inculcation of spiritual principles for marketplace practise, the will of God through strategic prayer, and the glory of God manifested in transformed lives.


Global House of Prayer Church, (G.H.O.P.C.), is a Christian corporation organized to recruit, train and commission people for national humanitarian and leadership services. Its fundamental beliefs are based in Judeo-Christian theology, particularly with respect to the use of strategic prayer as a means of ushering in the Kingdom of God. Although G.H.O.P.C as a church, will faithfully administer the seven Christian sacraments, the teachings of the organization will focus on life-coaching, systemic approaches to the development of strong families, traditional educational scholastics, and entrepreneurial and vocational excellence. The ultimate ambition of G.H.O.P.C. for its members will be conversion to Christianity but with the ultimate goal being the transformation of these converts into resourceful, contributing national citizens, all for Glory of God.

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